How to Get Support Fast

1.)  Inquiry.  Open a support ticket.

Normal - Quick

  • Click on the Open a Ticket button above OR
  • Click the Chat or Message tab in the lower-right of this page OR
  • Email support directly

Important - Quicker

  • Call (717) 942-1411

Emergency - Quickest

  • Text Message (717) 942-1411
  • Please provide your name and the nature of your problem.

2.)  Response.  We will respond as quickly as possible on the same day of your inquiry.  Each inquiry will be handled with an appropriate level of urgency.

3.)  Resolution.  Most normal inquiries will be resolved by the next day.  We will communicate clearly the when's, how's and why's toward the solution of your problem.

  • Remote Service is more economical and generally quicker.
  • On-site Service is when we travel to your place of business.